What We Offer

Cost effective, modern slick videos tailored for your business starting at only £199

We’re experts at turning our client’s visions into a reality for a price they can afford. Whether it’s a short training video for your staff, a marketing film designed to drum up new business or a video introducing your latest product, our corporate experience will help you shoot a film that hits your target audience.

We love getting creative and doing something a little different too. So if you fancy trying to break the mould, we can help you create an interesting documentary or animated film. Our video service includes:

  • Script writing and storyboarding
  • Voice over or presenting
  • Music and sound effects
  • Animated graphics and logos
  • DVD and Blu-ray burning and packaging
  • Encoding and uploading the finished video to the internet

Corporate, Promo and Events Videos

A creative eye behind the camera for over 30 years

Video is a powerful tool for showcasing your brand, boosting sales and impressing potential customers.

At Dreamcatcher Video Solutions we can help promote your business and attract new clients by creating a modern, slick and engaging film at a price that will guarantee a great return on your investment.

Our most recent Corporate Promotional Video has been for the University of Liverpool, Physics Dept. at the Cockcroft Institute Warrington. We produced five Science Educational Videos to their specifications.

Documentary and Short Films

Inspiring cinematic-quality short films

We’ve produced and directed a variety of award-winning, thoughtful documentaries, beautiful wildlife videos and short fictional films.

Often slower paced than energetic corporate videos, they can be used to give an in-depth insight into your organisation and are particularly useful for charities or not-for-profit organisations who maybe want to tell a more sensitive or emotive story.

You can see extracts from many of our award winning documentaries and short films in our award-winning films showreel. 

Seminars and Health & Safety

Shooting films tailor-made for your business

Video can be a more interesting, cost effective and consistent way of talking to your staff, especially if you have a large workforce in different locations. But informative doesn’t have to mean boring.

We can help you create films that use modern video techniques and music to entertain, as well as train – teaching your employees about the latest rules or regulations, health and safety measures or changes to your working practices.

In “Population Dynamics”, an educational video for Halton Borough Council, we broke down complex concepts and made learning cost-effective and easy. 

Animation, Explainer and Product Demo

We deliver the desired message to those who matter

Using animation can be a quirky and unique way to get your message across. We love experimenting with new techniques and have the creativity and the latest software to bring your ideas or product to life.

Check out this test Animation The Waiter and the Customer